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A colorful portfolio, where narratives meet visual design

Welcome to my portfolio

Sissel Angela Ringvad

My name is Sissel Angela Ringvad and I live for great narratives and visual and digital storytelling.

I believe the digital medium is what we need to further enhance and change stories to create new interactive and aesthetic experiences.

I create visual storytelling projects and aspire to do so for the rest of my life.

Featured Projects

Traces was developed as a six week project on the DADIU game development program at the National Film School of Denmark.



Android and iOS Game

Traces is an open-world, adventure game focused on diverse player movement and environmental storytelling


Den Rette Hylde

Danish Podcast

Den Rette Hylde er en podcast om at få læselysten sat i gang i en verden, hvor det ellers kan være svært at finde sin rette hylde mellem ambitiøs ønskelæsning og travl hverdag.

A cozy Danish podcast hosted by Rebecca Væver and Sissel Ringvad – about reading books, and the attempt to find balance and get more motivation to read in an otherwise hectic everyday life.

My portfolio consists of games, illustrations, writing and audio projects

My Creative Projects

My Games

Creating and developing games is my passion. It is what I have studied for years and what I plan to work with in the future as well.

My Illustrations

In some of my projects as well as in my personal time, I create illustrations. My style is mostly colorful and cartoonish, but varies a lot.

My Writing

Writing gives me a way to make the plots and narratives inside my head a reality. I have different creative projects in progress and have written manuscripts for a short film, novels and games.

My Music and Podcast

Although it is not my main competence, I do sometimes make music, soundtracks and jingles for my creative projects. I also co-host a Danish book podcast with new episodes published weekly.

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